Chapter 1 : Fundamental of Partnership

Importance of Partnership Deed
Provisions in the Absence of Partnership Deed
Charge against Profit V/s Appropriation of Profit
Difference between Charge against Profit and Appropriation of Profit
Interest on Partner’s Loan to the firm
Profit and Loss Appropriation Account
Special Aspects of Partnership Accounts
Features of Profit and Loss Appropriation Account
Difference between Profit and Loss Appropriation Account and Profit and Loss Account
Rent Paid to a Partner
Appropriation are more than Available Profit
Partners’ Capital Accounts under Fixed and Fluctuating Methods
Difference between Fixed Capital Account and Fluctuating Capital Account
Difference between Capital Account and Current Account
Remuneration or Salary or Commission to Partners
Partners’ Drawings
Calculation of Interest on Partners’ Drawings
Calculation of Opening Capital
Calculation of Interest on Partners’ Capital
Adjustments for Incorrect Appropriations of Profits in the Past (Past Adjustments)
Guarantee of Profit or Loss

Chapter 2 : Nature and Valuation of Goodwill

Chapter 3 : Change in Profit Sharing Ratio

Chapter 4 : Admission of a Partner

Chapter 5 : Retirement of a Partner

Chapter 6 Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Chapter 7 : Accounting for Share Capital

Chapter 8 : Issue of Debentures of Company

Chapter 9 : Redemption of Debentures of a Company

Chapter 10 : Financial Statement of a Company

Chapter 11 : Financial Statement Analysis

Chapter 12 : Tools of Financial Statement Analysis

Chapter 13 Accounting Ratios

Chapter 14 : Cash Flow Statement

Meaning and Definition of Partnership

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