Chapter 1 : Accounting for Partnership Firms – Fundementals

Chapter 2 : Goodwill : Concept and Valuation

Chapter 3 : Admission of a Partner

Format of Revaluation Account
Accounting Treatment of Reserves and Accumulated Profits or Losses on the Admission of a New Partner
Hidden Goodwill
Adjustment of Capital – Determining the New Partner’s Capital on the basis of Combined Capital of Old Partners
Adjustment of Capital – Adjusting the Capitals of Old Partner on the basis of Capital of New Partner
Preparation of the Balance Sheet of the Reconstituted Firm

Chapter 4 : Retirement & Dealth of a Partner

Chapter 5 : Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Chapter 6 : Company Accounts – Issue of Shares

Chapter 7 : Company Accounts – Issue of Debentures

Chapter 8 : Financial Statements of Companies

Chapter 9 : Tools for Financial Analysis : Comparative Statements

Chapter 10 : Tools for Financial Analysis : Common Size Statements

Chapter 11 : Cash Flow Statement

Chapter 12 : Ratio Analysis

Meaning of Admission of a Partner

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