Chapter 1 : Accounting for Partnership Firms – Fundementals

Chapter 2 : Goodwill : Concept and Valuation

Chapter 3 : Admission of a Partner

Chapter 4 : Retirement & Dealth of a Partner

Chapter 5 : Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Payment of Firm’s Debts and Private Debts
Difference between Firm’s Debts and Private Debts
Accounting Procedure on Dissolution of Firm
Accounting Entries of Realisation Account
Format of Realisation Account
Difference between Revaluation Account and Realisation Account
Partner’s Loan to the Firm
Partner’s Capital Accounts
Treatment of Goodwill
Preparing Memorandum Balance Sheet

Chapter 6 : Company Accounts – Issue of Shares

Chapter 7 : Company Accounts – Issue of Debentures

Chapter 8 : Financial Statements of Companies

Chapter 9 : Tools for Financial Analysis : Comparative Statements

Chapter 10 : Tools for Financial Analysis : Common Size Statements

Chapter 11 : Cash Flow Statement

Chapter 12 : Ratio Analysis

Meaning of Dissolution of Partnership Firm

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