Chapter 4 : Admission of a Partner (Copy 7)

Difference between Sacrificing Ratio and New Profit Sharing Ratio (Copy 1)
Valuation and Adjustment of Goodwill (Copy 1)
Accounting Treatment of Reserves, Accumulated Profits, Accumulated Losses and Deferred Revenue Expenditure (Copy 1)
Accounting Treatment of Revaluation of Assets and Reassessment of Liabilities (Copy 1)
Difference between Revaluation Account and Memorandum Revaluation Account (Copy 1)
Adjustment of Capital (Copy 1)
Adjustment of the Old or Existing Partners’ Capital Accounts on the Basis of the New or Incoming Partner’s Capital (Copy 1)
Calculating the Capital to be brought in by the New Partner on the Basis of Total Capital of Old or Existing Partners (Copy 1)

Chapter 5 : Retirement of a Partner (Copy 6)

Chapter 6 Dissolution of Partnership Firm (Copy 1)

Chapter 7 : Accounting for Share Capital (Copy 1)

Chapter 8 : Issue of Debentures of Company (Copy 1)

Chapter 9 : Redemption of Debentures of a Company (Copy 1)

Chapter 10 : Financial Statement of a Company (Copy 1)

Liability of New or Incoming Partner (Copy 1)
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